We're building a co-creation engine for better futures

Lend your skills to a project to imagine and realise a more optimistic tomorrow

About Us

We're a group of concerned and caring humans who are co-creating speculative works of fiction, art and culture which imagine optimistic futures for people and the planet.  Along with a community platform to turn these visions into reality through innovation and activism, and learning programmes for individuals and organisations to empower them to do the same, this will comprise a self-sustaining 'engine' for positive foresight, insight and action.

Why You Should Join Us

Your participation in this project will create the foundation for an approach to the systemic challenges we are facing, which empowers through optimism, instead of paralysing through fear.  We want to to imagine futures which inspire people to take action to move towards them instead of settling for merely surviving or making the future 'less bad'.  Along the way you will learn and hone skills in Futures Thinking, Systems Thinking and creative froms of expression.

Thank you to Drew Beamer on Unsplash for the image above

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